Saturday, December 24, 2011

Men Have Their Own Diet Challenges

Men and dieting don’t usually go hand in hand but men do have to be a on a healthy diet if they want to lose weight or maintain an optimal weight. All diets are not created equal and men and have a different set of challenges. There are specific diets issues for men to consider and overcome.

Cold brewskis and friends: When men get together with their friends, having a few cold beers is the norm. Even in other social gatherings, alcohol is a constant presence. This is a challenge if you are trying to diet because alcohol tends to make you feel hungry, you reach for the snacks and as a result overeat.

The best thing for your diet would be to abstain from alcohol altogether. However, this may be unrealistic or difficult for you give up. In that case, you can try to slow down your rate of consumption. Sipping your beer instead of chugging, may not be very manly but will help your cut back on the number of beers you drink.

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